Shawn Maurice Mims, known professionally as MIMS, is an American rapper hailing from New York City. Despite the early hardships of losing both his parents by the age of 13, MIMS found solace and inspiration in music, which fueled his determination for success and kept him away from trouble. This profound connection with music led him to christen his debut album "Music Is My Savior," a title that holds personal significance as it cleverly incorporates his last name, MIMS, as an acronym.

MIMS achieved tremendous success with his smash hit single "This Is Why I'm Hot," which remains one of the most prominent songs of the century, having sold over 5 million copies. Keeping the energy alive, MIMS continues to captivate clubs and dance floors with his equally potent track, "Like This." Boasting heavy bass, an infectious tempo perfect for dancing, and a catchy chorus, the song serves as an irresistible anthem for partygoers and dance enthusiasts alike.