Vibrant and captivating, MashUP Diva DJ Litchi skillfully blends Future, Twerk, and dirty house music, infusing her sets with samples, acapellas, and microphone finesse, creating an electrifying stage presence and delivering the most sizzling performances. She has graced dancefloors all over the world, including renowned festivals and destinations:

  • Holi Colors Festival (Mexico)
  • Arschot Music Festival (Belgium)
  • Beat Beach Festival (Bahrain)
  • Green Sensation Festival (Romania)
  • Independent Grind (GOA)
  • FlashBack Festival (Mandalay, Myanmar)
  • Savage Festival (Yangon, Myanmar)
  • Water Zone Festival (Laos)
  • The Lost Land Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Myfest (Turkey)
  • Helious Festival (Greece)

Her talent has taken her to numerous countries across the globe, including:

  • USA, Mexico
  • Europe: Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Finland
  • Asia: Indonesia, Mauritius, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia
  • Middle East: Dubai, Oman, Bahrain
  • Africa: Egypt, Tunisia, and more

DJ Litchi's magnetic performances have left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.