Carl Abou Samah, professionally known as Karl Wolf, is a talented Lebanese-Canadian musician based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a career spanning since 2001, he has excelled as a singer, songwriter, and producer. In 2006, he released his debut solo album, "Face Behind the Face," followed by his second album, "Bite the Bullet," in 2007. Subsequently, he released "Nightlife" in 2009, "Finally Free" in 2012, "Stereotype" in 2014, and "WOW" in 2015, showcasing his versatility and musical growth.

Karl Wolf gained immense popularity with his exceptional remake of Toto's timeless classic, "Africa." His rendition skillfully sampled elements from the original song while introducing fresh lyrics and arrangements, capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Beyond his own music, Karl Wolf also extends his talents to artist management through his company, Lone Wolf Management. He has been instrumental in nurturing the careers of several promising artists. In 2015, he embarked on a new collaborative venture called BAE (Be All Equal) with Show Stephens, Brenda Mullen, and producer MasterTrak, showcasing his commitment to fostering new talent.

Demonstrating his continuous dedication to his craft, Karl Wolf signed a new solo contract in Canada with Cordova Bay Records, a British Columbia-based label. Additionally, he secured two global deals in Los Angeles—one with BMG for publishing and another with Collective Digital Studios for a digital "YouTube" partnership. Notably, he co-wrote the hit song "Hula Hoop" by OMI, further showcasing his versatility as a songwriter.

Karl Wolf's impressive musical journey, marked by his unique sound and unwavering passion, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.