Jason Derulo, born on September 21, 1989, is an American pop and R&B singer and songwriter. He began his solo recording career in 2009 and has achieved significant success. He has sold over 250 million singles worldwide and earned eleven platinum singles, including hits like "Wiggle," "Talk Dirty," "Want to Want Me," "Trumpets," "It Girl," "In My Head," "Ridin' Solo," and "Whatcha Say."

Before his solo career, Jason Derulo wrote songs for various artists and later signed with the recording label Beluga Heights, owned by industry veteran J. R. Rotem. After Beluga Heights became part of the Warner Music Group, he released his debut single "Whatcha Say" in May 2009, which reached number one in the U.S. and New Zealand and earned a triple platinum certification from the RIAA. He followed up with "In My Head" in December 2009 and released his self-titled debut studio album, "Jason Derulo," on March 2, 2010. His second album, "Future History," came out on September 16, 2011, featuring the UK number-one single "Don't Wanna Go Home."

Derulo's third international album, "Tattoos," was released on September 24, 2013, and later repackaged as his third U.S. album, "Talk Dirty," which was released on April 15, 2014. In 2015, he released the single "Want to Want Me" and announced his fourth studio album, "Everything Is 4," which was released on June 2, 2015.

In June 2020, Jason Derulo released the single "Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)" in collaboration with beat producer Jawsh 685. The song gained popularity on TikTok and was remixed by BTS, reaching number one in the U.S. In November 2020, Derulo released another single, "Love Not War (The Tampa Beat)," featuring beat producer Nuka. This song was inspired by Nuka's SoundCloud track, "The Tampa Beat," which gained fame on TikTok.